estudio flamenco conservatory of dallas

Founded in 2011, Estudio Flamenco Conservatory of Dallas is North Texas’ premier flamenco arts conservatory. With a strong focus on authentic flamenco, children from 5 to 12 years old are introduced to flamenco dance, music, and art.. Through grants in association with The Flame Foundation, children receive free Saturday classes. Auditions required.

the flame foundation

The mission of The Flame Foundation is to educate and promote knowledge, skill, and appreciation of the performing and visual arts to children and adults in Dallas, TX. The primary focus is in flamenco dance, music, and its history.

"Flame brings the art of the ages to the children of today"

alex sanger elementary flamenkitos

Through grants and donations given by the Flame Foundation, 80 students at Alex Sanger Elementary school receive free after-school flamenco instruction.